Tax Credit Services

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

By utilizing our WOTC screening system, your company can identify new hires that may qualify for potential tax credits. The screening process can also be integrated into your existing applicant tracking system or on-boarding process.

The 8850 form is electronically signed. If the new hire qualifies for a potential credit, our system takes over and sends the appropriate information to each state tax credit processing center.  Our system follows up on each tax credit request to efficiently maximize your return.

Our clients are provided data in real time on a mobile-friendly platform.

68.2%: Percentage of WOTC Certifications in 2017 that were SNAP Recipients*

State and Local Tax Incentives

The Federal Government designates certain cities as Enterprise Zones, Empowerment Zones (EZ), and Renewal Communities (RC). If an employer hires an associate that lives within one of the designated zones, a tax credit may be available.

Our tax credit screening system will evaluate all of the eligibility requirements for the state and local incentives.

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