I-9 Management / E-Verify®


The I-9 Management & Compliance service helps employers maintain compliance with immigration regulations and eliminate paper.

The complete service includes:

  • Accurately generating I-9s online with electronic signatures
  • Verifying employees with the DHS and SSA
  • Collecting and reviewing I-9s electronically to detect errors
  • Imaging new or existing I-9s and work eligibility documents to a central repository
  • Electronically storing completed I-9s, eliminating paper I-9 storage
  • Matching I-9s with payroll data to ensure compliance
  • An online application to search, view, and print stored I-9s
  • Notifications of I-9 re-verifications
  • Monthly compliance reports posted online for authorized administrators
  • Documentation and assistance for government audits and inspections

E-Verify® is a registered trademark of U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

E-Verify® Employer Agent since 2004

Custom Onboarding forms

Common forms that we convert to our mobile-friendly system are:

  • Employee Handbooks
  • Emergency Contact Forms
  • Direct Deposit Enrollment Forms
  • Drug Screen Authorizations
  • Company Policies and Acknowledgements
  • Insurance Enrollment Forms

Employees only need to enter personal information one time and it will pre-populate on their onboarding documents. Using our electronic onboarding system helps managers view legible, thorough information at a glance instead of handwritten, half-completed forms.

Basic Advantages:

  • Secure process
  • Employees complete all necessary forms correctly and to your specifications
  • Legible data entry
  • Access to forms 24/7 with internet access to complete on the new hires’ own time
  • Timestamps are recorded for each signed/accessed form (valuable information for disputes that may arise)


W-4 Management


Pre-populated Applicable State and Federal W-4s make employee on-boarding faster and easier. This service includes:

  • Capturing W-4 forms in PDF format
  • Generating electronic signatures on the W-4s
  • The automatic association of signed W-4s to employees’ records in the HRWC system
  • Presenting the proper W-4s based on home address and work address

Basic Advantages:

  • Save time and money
  • Prevent errors
  • Collect required information
  • Legible data entry
  • Employee and manager access 24/7 with internet connection on virtually any device
  • Secure

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